Stubborn On Vision

His (Elon Musk’s) ability to carry out a master plan reminds me of Jeff Bezos’ adage, “We are stubborn on vision. We are flexible on details.”  Bezos is another very long-term thinker who started out with an online bookstore but knew from the beginning that he wanted to sell just about everything. – (From somewhere … More Stubborn On Vision

Dark Thoughts

In Bihar, year after year education system collapse is becoming evident. Corpses are being carried on motorcycles and garbage carts because the hospital denies an ambulance or a stretcher.   Kids & youth in cities are forming opinions based on internet trolls and messing up with their own and country’s future. In UP, a calf … More Dark Thoughts

Dear Blog!

I used to speak more than I listened. I used to write more than I read. And here I am today after shutting down 11 of my blogs with WordPress. Well, it’s closing time of the year 2016 and Bengaluru is cold only at nights unlike the northern part of India. You ask what has … More Dear Blog!