Dear Blog!

I used to speak more than I listened.
I used to write more than I read.
And here I am today after shutting down 11 of my blogs with WordPress.

Well, it’s closing time of the year 2016 and Bengaluru is cold only at nights unlike the northern part of India. You ask what has changed in last 3 years?

Bengaluru, of course, has become hotter. The credit definitely goes to us – the immigrants. In a hurry to make more money, we are choking this beautiful city.

If you ask what about me. I have been pulling through. It’s not that I have listened more or read more now but I felt like jotting down again, not for others but because of my own interest.

Seasons come and go, people also meet and disappear. We learn lessons & life goes on. It’s about the ‘x’, if ‘x’ is not variable then it doesn’t have a life. Ask ‘x’ to get a life.

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