People With Conscience

They don’t believe in burdening others with their own load. They have sense of gratitude.

They don’t let people down. They motivate others & don’t spread negativity.

They come in all shapes & sizes. They can be identified by these traits:

  • They are not ‘all hat & no cattle’.
  • They are interested in all those things that matter in life.
  • They cut out the crap.
  • They spread positivity.
  • It’s not just them that they think about all day, they treat everyone well.
  • They don’t live in fiction & fairy tales.
  • They will make you feel good.
  • They are full of energy & happiness.
  • They are people with conscience.
  • They have gratitude. They are selfless.

If you meet such people, thank them. In a world where everybody’s loosing conscience & morality, these people are the torch bearers of truth & making world a better place.



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