Dark Thoughts

In Bihar, year after year education system collapse is becoming evident. Corpses are being carried on motorcycles and garbage carts because the hospital denies an ambulance or a stretcher.



Kids & youth in cities are forming opinions based on internet trolls and messing up with their own and country’s future.

In UP, a calf born with a human head is being worshipped and a temple is being planned.

Times Now has reached up to my mobile phone through SMS asking me to tweet something with #ArmySeGaddari for some guy comparing army chief to General Dyer, about whom (neither Dyer nor the guy) I don’t even care.


Republic TV questions our sanity every day by shouting on the political nonsense.

While a lady anchor thrashes a political party spokesperson on the show for disrespecting the debate, the big bosses send CBI to knock on their doors.


Not to forget, Mallya is still enjoying in England and many like him in India.

Pakistan continues to kill our soldiers and we still have diplomatic ties with them. Also, imports and exports. All hue and cry only for the cricket matches.



In the meanwhile, people are trying to save their religion by bombing other people and some literates are saving their culture & language by thrashing and abusing their own countrymen on social media.

While the poorer states still await for better public transport, western and southern cities are eyeing for Elon Musk’s Hyperloop.


Hyperloop and Sardar Vallabh’s statue will probably be tourism boosters and will attract tourists mostly from eastern India (of course, population). Money will flow into

the western economy but the eastern inhabitants will be called anti-national for being poor because they will make the places dirty.

We continue to honk even when the signal is red and deny that we have become intolerant. If one cannot even sustain 120 seconds of red light on a signal, shall we award them for their tolerance? This is the time when mediocrity wins and small minds take over the larger objectives.


Look someone is getting into your plate and your personal chats. You are losing fundamental rights granted by your constitution. I am not even considering freedom of speech.

Congrats! You are also going to pay taxes up to 18% only.


It’s all negative right? I get it. I have ignored positives. But why are we playing snake and ladder here? One step up and 3 steps down?

This is just a social media post. Sorry, if one had to read all of it.


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